First Journal

My name is Ali and I do all kinds of research on cold cases, online.  Sometimes I get attached to cases and types of perpetrators, for instance, I’m currently smitten with mass shooter James Holmes.  Soooo, I’ve been studying mass shooters in general, and him specifically.  In addition to being interested in true crime, I have an English lit degree from a major Uni, and worked as a reporter for a brief time.  (I don’t know how they *ever* pay their bills on the starting salary at that job!)  Another hobby that turned into an academic project is personality psychology.  I do not have a full degree in that, but can actually finish a BS within five classes, if I so choose.  My current study is bipolar disorder and how it affects your ability to control your behavior.  To keep myself balanced and focused on my own life, belbinI went back to ice skating as an adult and had to start entirely over again….  I still love it though!  It gives me peace and sanity in a mad world.

This is my life, on ice and off!


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