I went last night to my skating lesson. I hadn’t been in ages because I’m really just trying to get my leg strength and balance on the ice back.  Classes with the adults are typically a mixed bag, but last night, we had myself, and three 20 something students, which is actually unusual.  It’s so much easier to skate when you’re younger that they never take lessons. My circumstance is that I began skating at 11 years old and skated off and on until age 21.  Then I watched the 2010 Winter Olympics, and I just had to skate again.  I loved the Chinese Pair duo, Pong and Tang!  Of course, when you’re older, it’s hard to jump, and I really just glided around the rink and twirled a bit.  For lessons I had to do everything in the adult beginner class and it was hard as I’m older now.  The first three days back on the ice I felt as if I were on an airplane and standing up while the plane hit an air pocket.  It took months to get my ice legs back, and I did pretty well until I broke my wrist during a lesson.  That was 54 thousand dollars worth of surgery.  It took me two years to recover fully enough to get back out on the ice!  I had to have weeks of physical therapy to have the full movement of my wrist again and my surgeon was wondering why it took so long.  I was one of those people, he said, who got better, but did so at the end of treatment, not the beginning.  But about the time I got my flexibility back I was getting anxed out about all the time I was sitting at home, so I decided to hit the rink and the Learn to Skate program again.

I skated for a whole month and then had my surgery for the cyst on my fingers, a gift from the titanium in my wrist (it gave me arthritis in my hands.)  A mucosal cyst, and it took a surgery to get rid of the synovial fluid and then take a file and file the little prong that causes the cyst down. They only show up near the first joint of the fingers and if they get infected they can cause you to require an amputation.  All of this from one fall on the ice!  OMG.  You’d think I would have gotten over my love of skating by then, but nope.  So then I took another six months off, some of it time to wait for  my finger to heal, as my doc demanded (falls are a no no for that type of surgery.)  And then another length of time for my dad and his death.  He died of lung cancer.  By September I was trying to skate again but really it’s been only the last two weeks that I’ve spent any time on the ice.  And the list of things I can not do that I could before my wrist break is disheartening.  I was watching one of the other ladies skate and it’s really true that as an older adult you tend to have that marionette look when you skate.  I know I do now.  When I was younger I could do so much more, than I can now.  And I had the best junior crossovers!  They rocked, and I can’t even do them now.

But I’m working on it.


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