Play Misty For Me


I recently befriended one of the women from JHII who made world headlines when she avowed her love for James Holmes to a reporter in Colorado.  I was amazed at her courage in such a statement, when so many Coloradans, especially people in Aurora, are just outraged over what he did.  I’m the type who’d live in fear that someone would take their rage out on me.  And she lives there and could have to deal with some really dirty attacks.

In any event, she’s in college and working again so things are going smoother for her, except she seems to have had someone take her for a ride with money.  I wonder does that have anything to do with James?  I know from others that he only talks to family and the people who care for him and his attorneys, and is likely too ill to really be worth communicating with. ( I’d LOVE to hear him tell why he did his crime. I’d totes bang him too, he’s really handsome.  But NOT both at the same time, that would creep me out!)  All that aside, I asked online in an anonymous forum what the likely result was of being in a relationship with someone in jail and the first and only person who answered me was a man who said that he was used terribly for money.  I doubt the  person who hurt Misty was in jail.  The way she describes it is that someone took money to fly somewhere and then never saw her.  There are a ton of people on those internet forums who show up to the hearings.  Or perhaps it has nothing to do with James whatsoever?


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