This morning I went to get some decorations for the living room and the tree.  I didn’t spend much money, but added a few red sequin bows to the tree, a few red stars, and bought three undecorated 24″ wreaths, artificial of course and four cans of artificial snow.  I tried adding a 15 foot garland to the mantle but it fell off, as if pushed off by force, taking with it the photos of me and my dad, and the little gold wrapped boxes I’d added, leaving only the box with his cremains and the adornment box, where a small urn holds just a few of his ashes.  It’s going to be hard to get it to stay without tape of some kind, or a staple.  Which, honestly, I do not want to put on the wood.  I”m trying to get the cold windswept plains look inside.  That’s why I purchased four cans of snow spray.  Although, I must say here, I don’t know if I can get it to look like real fallen snow, or if it will last till Christmas.  Admittedly, I could try to get real pine, but that could make someone angry, for I have no pine trees of my own to take small sprays from.


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