LIfe is crazy, but I am sane…



I’m struggling to fix the paperwork mess ups that have plagued me.  The housing has gone awry, and I’m at least getting a contact in the mail, but I don’t know what it’s going to say.  I’m on pins and needles waiting.  The SNAP, which is not much money, but which keeps my standing going as ‘eligible’ for things like heat, or medicaid, went south.  I sent the info in on the last day my worker was employed.  The new worker didn’t get it and when I called her she denied everything INCLUDING my phone calls.  I was incensed and just about ready to really to call everyone in management in the office!  Shit!  This stuff gets outrageous!  What happened with social security is even more outrageous!

I applied for my dads benefit amount because I’ve had my illness since age 5.  They turned me down first time, and I sent in a request for reconsideration.  When I did that, I got the request for reconsideration paper work and envelope back and the original turn down letter.  She used a sticky note to say my date was in 2001 and highlighted portions of that letter they sent in my original turn down.  I spent weeks trying to get a hold of that worker, and I never got a call back.  After about a month and a half I finally got hold of the manager of the Social Security office and had to explain it to her.  It took her an hour to understand what had happened, but she finally realized that her worker HAD TRIED TO DENY ME MY DUE PROCESS!  What is wrong with these people?  I don’t understand why on earth she tried to do that?  And then I faxed the paperwork the worker so kindly offered me to prove what she’d done and the manager said she’d make sure the request for reconsideration would go through it’s normal process.  She said I was denied because of a money issue, not a medical one.  Digressions aside, I’ve had these three paperwork issues come up, but behind those comes some very real concern that I don’t get the benefits I need to live and my life is in jeopardy.  The social security manager apologized repeatedly for what her worker had done.  

And the outcome of this is all over the place.  I’m stressed out over the housing and trying to have a plan in place for any disaster.  


But guess what!  I just got my letter and they fixed it!  I do still pay more than last year, but it’s small!  Thank heavens.  At least that is one paper fight out of the way, and I at least have a safe, reliable place to live.  


Sweet relief!!!


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