The doctor in the house at CMHIP

One of the Holmies published a patient analysis on Scribed from just this past year.  It was about 20 pages and it had some of the contradictions and confusions of detail that the DA claims is in Jimmy’s report.  There is a reason for this:  it’s not written, it’s entirely dictated!  This could explain some of the weaknesses in his writing.  One example:  the patient reported his stay at the CMHIP didn’t help his symptoms.  And then contradicts it all by writing the patient wanted to go back to CMHIP to get further treatment.  Also, this patient is so off in the zone that he makes wild claims, of having different absurd talents and experiences.  My hypothesis is his report is viewed as seriously flawed because he repeats what the patient has said without making his own judgment of the validity of it’s truthfulness.  He spoke only six hours with this patient.  A young man who was in jail on felony theft and murder charges committed when he was a mere 14 years old.  I would have a tough time accepting that report myself, if I were DA.


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