I think someone might have tried to break into my house, using a key!

This afternoon around 1:30 or 2:00 p.m. I heard my dogs barking.  Little Chester, my Silky was just going off and everyone else followed his example.  I walked into the living room and my front door was open.  I closed it and then thought better of it and looked outside to see if I could see anything, anybody.  No one visible to me.  The wind was gusty and I presumed that I’d forgotten to lock the deadbolt and the door, about 50 years old, had popped open.  I do forget locking every once in a while.  My intuition has always told me that someone has the keys to this house that really shouldn’t, even though I had my landlords come out early on and fix the house and locks with new keys.  I did not call the police.  Perhaps I should have?

This is the second time this has happened to me and the last time I know it was a person.  Once again when I finally looked outside and realized that someone had used a tool, which left a fresh mark, they were gone. This was at 610 near the Xmas before last at that home.  My dogs scared the person or persons off that time.  I called 911 but never got the police to come out because they had left.  I wish I had.  There were two back to back home invasion robberies on Basset about a block from where I lived and I didn’t realize that the home invasion robberies had continued.  Once someone tried to get into my home, and it was strange, cause I’d been outside my house for a breath of fresh air then went back to my kitchen.  A few minutes passed and then suddenly all four little dogs were barking.

Strange.  I hate to jump the gun and jump to conclusions.  I checked the door frame and I had no new divets.  But, really, it doesn’t feel too safe, when I feel that someone else might have a key.  I just wrote a letter to the Section 8 housing authority about a fire alarm inspection where the company that does them might have accessed my key.  I decided that I would make sure the company actually had physical possession of the key before I sent it.  You never want to borrow any trouble with the housing office.  I have to be right before I act on it, or even have an expectation of being right.



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