What happened to Jimmy happened to everyone in that theatre.

I assume that I sound confused, but I’m not.  I know that Jimmy has said he did the shooting.  I know he did.  I don’t think he knew what he was doing.  I believe still that he might have been a Manchurian Candidate type of killer.  I can’t shake this belief.  It’s inconceivable to me that a pdoc would just let James Holmes out the door without hospitalizing him when he said he wanted to kill others.  And telling a University cop?  What an outrage!  An action calculated to make it seem like she did something, when in fact, the Pdoc knew it did nothing.  She knew this.  I suspect her of criminal malfeasance.  Someone wanted Robert Holmes to suffer, and they finally found a button to push, his son James.  It must have been someone in the military who got to her.  She was known to work in Texas with them prior to being in Colorado.

I wonder how you go about proving the unprovable, when the people who are organizing a calumny are powerful and sociopathic?

I can’t prove this, and I know it.   But I’ve worked cases before where someone eventually did pierce the veil of secrecy and lies to get a wrongfully convicted man a new trial.


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