Sunny Sunday Morning Waking Up

Ouch.  I get out of bed to let the mutts out early.  Find that the three who always need to be walked have peed the living room floor.  Ouch.  I just waxed and (then put another easy wax a few days ago) on top of it in the last four months.  I don’t want to have to do it again.  I spend a lot of time making sure, or trying to anyway, that they do not do any damage to the floors.  No scuffs, no spots, etc.  And the house is a wreck according to my standards now.  I have no money to do laundry.  Fighting poverty, I have yet another interview for a wait job that I won’t get.  With my feet I don’t need another wait job anyway.  Ahh, my life.

And then there is the whole issue of laundry in this duplex.  I have one sink that isn’t actually in good working order much of the time.  I’ve had the plumber out here more than one time to fix things that have gone wrong and I’ve lived here only 14 months.  I think if I take the bunnies out of the back room where the washer dryer hook ups are and find a used washer, I might find that I have to pay a plumber.  The landlords don’t provide the laundry so they don’t fix anything that goes wrong, likely even clogs.  I don’t want to bother.  I spend about 80 dollars a month on going to the laundromat.  That’ s a boatload of money compared to what I have.  But when the bills are higher and I have not micromanaged the cash I do not get to go.  I have no money to do anything except go to dad’s house.  (He’s dead, the house is still there with his ex gf living in it.)  I hate stinky laundry baskets and I really have three large loads and two small now, so I am bumming.

I share a wall, near the joint in the laundry room, that lets in noise from the other apartment and where they can hear me.  I was on the phone with the fire dept, when the girl next door was home.  It was only a small thing, I was having them check the appliances for gas leaks, and she evidently heard me.  When I walked outside with my phone to greet them, she was at her window, watching me.  Ewwww.  I’ve spoken to her twice.  She’s the type of girl who manipulates her way through life, and I really believe she’s psychiatrically ill.  She’s obviously anorexic.  And she just keeps getting thinner every day.  I try not to look.  This whole neighborhood seems to be a behavioral train wreck.  So I stay indoors.  I wave hi and then walk on.  I’m afraid of people who are like this, it’s been my experience that they unwittingly hurt others.  Skinnynextdoor already has one neighbor who left the duplexes in disgrace.  I’m determined to try and make sure it doesn’t happen to me, but I think I’m on a losing curve.  And I can’t afford to move.

They’ve gone to 90 % FMV on the rentals and my amount is 882 this year.  If I can get my landlord to let me stay at least one more year, then I can believe that the FMV, even at 90 % might go back up to 964, which is what I need to get into a 750 dollar home.  With all the bad vibes I get from the hood, I strongly suspect I’d have a hard time defending myself against nasty rumors.  I just need to survive.  I never got the bad vibes from the other hood that I get here, and that place was crime laden.  My intuition tells me this will be my last year with the benefit.  I can’t explain that, but I think it’s true.

Five months and counting…..


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