Broken Left Humerous

This A.M. I saw my orthopedist’s PA for a smash against something and my left arm has hurt for the last four weeks.  I decided I had some point tenderness about eight days ago and finally made an appointment to go this morning.  It’s broken!  I asked them for a paper copy of my xrays and the first thing I saw was this little bulb in the middle of the bones which means the bone is in a stage of healing.  The smash that I did, left no bruise at all.  So, now I’m getting bone density tests done.  I wonder if this is the end?  Two people that I know of have died of cancer in their fifties from that group who used to play in Moore’s Creek in the 60’s and 70’s.  It was a scandal that a factory dumped toxic waste in it for ages, and no one who lived near really knew about it.  


I told the PA that I wanted to horse back ride this summer and she said I could go about my normal activities.  I don’t see how I’m going to mount a horse without a mounting block since my left arm hurts.  We’ll see.  I’m prescribed PT for the pain of the break, and she is getting a bone scan set up.  Humph.  I had other plans this summer.


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