LIfe is crazy, but I am sane…

Ten Things



I’m struggling to fix the paperwork mess ups that have plagued me.  The housing has gone awry, and I’m at least getting a contact in the mail, but I don’t know what it’s going to say.  I’m on pins and needles waiting.  The SNAP, which is not much money, but which keeps my standing going as ‘eligible’ for things like heat, or medicaid, went south.  I sent the info in on the last day my worker was employed.  The new worker didn’t get it and when I called her she denied everything INCLUDING my phone calls.  I was incensed and just about ready to really to call everyone in management in the office!  Shit!  This stuff gets outrageous!  What happened with social security is even more outrageous!

I applied for my dads benefit amount because I’ve had my illness since age 5.  They turned me down first time, and…

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