I’ve decided to move…

My pets health and happiness is at risk here.  I wanted something better for them anyway, but I had too short a time to find it since my prefered house fell through at the last minute.  That happens sometimes and I needed to move quickly, so I took this place and then my dad had a stroke and went on to hospice his cancer.  That one whopped me over the head.  But, instead of thinking I’d ever place a pet for my convenience, I am more likely to hang on to life, with every bit of tenacity that I have.  The are my fur children!  Children, no less.


I’d like to get further out in the county.  I think I can hang on here until about August, unless the landlord gets antsy.  My guess is I might have to fight him to leave, since the man is all about the cash:  I’ve got it and he wants it.  It’s a careful path to leave a place in advance of the actual renewal date, even though this is my second year here.  I am getting told that I can do a month to month lease, and then have to give 30 days notice, to go.  It’s hard to coordinate that!


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