LOL! I forgot the last time I spoke with Mo, we’d had a spat.

Ha!  I wondered why I hadn’t spoken to her.  The last few times we chatted or emailed were a year or more ago and she told me about her decade l0ng friend Rhonda who suddenly turned stalker on her.  I didn’t say much, but I really don’t give much credibility for “friends” you find online.  People go online in character and that’s what they play, often you’d never recognize the housewife or guy as the sexy siren who posts crap about porn online.  Oh, that’s what Mo did, or um, does.  And she’s not negative about porn, she wants to be Anais Nin. So, I say, yippee, I am glad you have a goal, but can you please make sure you don’t email me anything that’s even remotely pornographic?  That’s illegal here and I don’t want to go to jail.


Where do I meet these people?  That horrible Jennifer girl who trashed me everywhere at work in 1999 showed up in my life online again.  Even if it’s just peripheral, and likely has no meaning, she’s a personality type that I don’t want to deal with.  Ditto with the girl next door.    I am moving because of her crappy boyfriend.  He has those eyes that I don’t trust, as if he’s secretly dirty and nasty and deals terribly with people.  He reminds of James Holmes.  Before the shootings, that smirk, that “I’m better and smarter than you are and  you’ll never guess what’s coming next,”  In case he has any ideas about turning the house into a bomb, like James did with his place, I want to get out by the end of summer.  I don’t want to be  traumatized any more.  I’ve had more panic attacks since she went on the warpath.  I don’t deserve anything bad from her.  The noise between the two duplexes simply IS.  This house is not built for privacy.  There is no reason for her to make it personal.smartass


I live at a duplex in a community where most of the people are home all day, either retired from illness or they can only find part time work.  It’s really interesting from time to time.  One poor woman, Kim, moved in with her brother and then wound up in jail because she lost her sobriety.  She called me at 6 a.m. one Saturday morning asking if I’d called animal control on her dog.  I hadn’t, I have my own dog and my last city they called on every neighbor when one person’s dog got picked up to nose around.  So, no, I didn’t.  But she persisted.  I have worked to forgive her for being an asshole and trying to start things between another girl and I.  She’s  a druggie and she lies and she doesn’t have her head on straight.  Life with no money is harder because you can’t really have good housing.  And you have the neighbors you pay for in life.  Mine have not been too bad here, with a few exceptions.




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