Well, actually not really. But some things have gone right. I am back in the house hunting mode! I don’t see one place in my budget. I won’t do a duplex or apartment again, I MUST have a small house! I’m trying to stay in the county, without having to go too far out.

I don’t ever want to live with crazy trash like this again. The woman next door is a mixed personality disorder, with charismatic anti-social, and narcissistic components, and she’s anal retentive. In short, if she wants you to do something, you’d damned well better do it, because she’ll manipulate you there sooner or later. Telling her no, is likely to get her to redouble her efforts. Ah, Nikki. Poor little spoiled girl. I can’t think of one reason why she’d move to this neighborhood anyway. It’s cheap and that’s the only reason to be here. That’s why I’m here.


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