Internet Snooper on some of my accounts.

I believe it’s one of my neighbors here. He has no means of support, and he could be home snooping his neighbors Internet information. I don’t really have much online that can hurt me, my life is such an open book. But privacy issues are some of the issues you face in this damned duplex. I am moving, but not likely before November. My landlord would have to lie, cheat and steal, to get me out of here much sooner. Plus, despite the problems with the pets getting out of the fence sometimes, I’m a good pay. I’m prompt and on time. And, I’m not interested in going home. So, I’m here for the duration. I don’t think they realize this, but despite the fact they seem to have little, I can still sue them for what they do with the information they learn about me online! If they use it to do me any kind of damage, I will sue. They have cars, and I can take as many of them as I need to satisfy the judgements I win against them! I used to sell them, and it’s not too hard to make some quick cash with a used car. I can make sure, for the guy and his gf, that whatever he has, and if she’s his accomplice, she can say this too, I can get her/his pay and leave them with 159.68 per week! All I need is a garnishment! I have proofs! There is a stream of info on web accounts about what you do online. You can’t erase it!

I felt strongly this place was trouble when I moved in. One of my neighbors opined that the gossip here is typical and usual gossip, but I don’t think so. It has a vicious tone to it! It’s a good time to get out of this place!


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