Blamed for something I didn’t do.

I have a neighbor behind me who lost her housing assistance payment because she let someone move into her home and she charged them rent. She never told the housing authority, and she never reported her income. Having two female roommates wasn’t long lived. This lady has a rep for lying and causing trouble for others, and of course, she moved the women in, and then she moved them out saying they were thieves. I’ve personally heard her call other people thieves, so I don’t really believe anything other than she is a liar. I heard all of this on the grapevine, and she showed me her letter. Personally, I don’t think they’ll do anything to her. It’s not my business anyway. I believe she made an issue of my pets, as she always has. She lives far down from me and they don’t cause any trouble for her.

So, someone called code enforcement, and I didn’t know this, but you’re supposed to get a special exception for a certain number of pets. I would NEVER have moved here if I’d known. Oh, and the best part? The last three digits of my ticket is 666! The devils number! I’m being sorely tempted by everything at this point. I will have to get an attorney to deal with my problems. I can’t use a public attorney. They never do anything.

And I’m having issues with that so-called trust. Ughhh.


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