Still House Hunting

There is an upswing currently in rental pricing in this area and I don’t know how on earth I am going to find a house. I have someone sending me an application for one, and another one to look at. Both of them are in other areas. I can’t live here if my pets could potentially be a problem, in any neighborhood. Plus, I’ve noticed that the women here are cattier than anywhere I’ve ever lived before, and on that note, I will say Goodbye to McKesson gladly! Since I’ve lived here, I’ve been harangued by my my landlord, stalked by a neighbor, both on Internet and on the property, and spied on! I have no clue what I could say that would be interesting in the slightest to listen to!

I’ve also noted that people who live in Chesterfield who are political activists are sometimes killed. One man, a lawyer, was shot dead at his mega rich Chesterfield house. He had an argument with his wife, with his children at home. He was known as a guns rights advocate. Usually that type of scenario doesn’t wind up with someone being killed, and rumor on the grapevine has it that the supposed shot that rang out from his side, reported on the news as the reason he was shot dead, never happened. This was from one of his neighbors. I’ve begun to see Chesterfield county is a good place to stay away from. I support the anti-death penalty movement! I support rights for the mentally ill! I write letters and send emails about it! Could it be that someone has tagged me as trouble? My landlord has harassed me over claims of the pets being a nuisance. Or so I thought, but could it really all be a personality mismatch that gets others to make claims against me? The pets being one excuse? I don’t know really. In any case, I don’t want to stay here. It’s too expensive and I’m going to move where it’s cheaper. It’s also too Stepford wifey.

I find out tonight if my avowal that I would never work my job again actually did me in. Patron is making the schedule and I know tonight if I have to go to the office and take back my letter. I could move back to the South West area of the state, and it’s likely that I would have a good time during the holidays, but likely, nothing else will be good about it. If I find a part time job there it’s likely to be so low paying that I won’t want it. I had to get a storage unit because I had no closet space, and it serves double duty in case I move somewhere with no room. Of course, it’s expensive, but less so, to my way of thinking, than what one of my neighbors did–they bought an actual storage house for their backyard. I don’t know if there is any wisdom to that in a rental. One year you’re here and the next you’re gone. Moving those things is expensive!

I’m kind of jumping around here, but the important things are as follows: finishing my paperwork, getting back to work, finding a new place to live in ten days, so I can move December 1st. Getting an estimate on how much a move to the SouthWest part of the state would cost! Take care of the house and pets, as usual.

I have a lot to do, and I am ignoring everything else!


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