The Breakdown Game

Sometimes I can’t think, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know where I’ve put things, and I feel that my landlords attempts to get me to move, and my resistance to them, has led me to a series of mini breakdowns. How cruel can they be? Oh, and it gets better, the people who actually own this house, afaik, are a church! They’re Baptist, like me; unlike me, they’re also pretty cruel. This isn’t about money. I’ve paid. It’s about my children! If they cancel my voucher, I will keep paying. I just acquired another part time job. So even though I might be a slow pay, I will do so.

I think I did myself in at that job, where I told Patron I would not work. He now thinks I’m unreliable. Well, I might be, but I am not quitting until they tell me I’m fired, or they close. And I am working Macy’s Cosmetics for Xmas! I hope that I find a way to purchase new clothes at a discount, and perhaps find a job in a cosmetics line. That last hope might be chanceless, but my pdoc and I are trying to test my ability to work currently. After this past year, and the problems I’ve had with my rental, I am terrified to be without a source of income. Even if it’s small. Personally, I believe that RRHA has absolutely no reason to cancel me, and I’ve ostensibly found a place. But the lease isn’t signed, and you never know what can happen until the day that you take the keys and walk through that door. Until that day, there is no contract and shit can happen. Remember in 2012 when I had an incident with my landlords worker, he groped me, and instead of calling the cops I called him? Big mistake because he told me I could not rent the house. If I’d called the cops and they’d believed me at all, I would have had that house! That guy was cheap labor, and he did a good job with remodeling so, money before everything else!

I’ve decided to go live with one of my friends if I lose the housing situation I’m currently working on. The day I stepped into this house, I could just feel that would happen.

I can’t wait to see the schedule! Let’s hope the place is still open. They have not given me a paycheck in a week and Patron says it’s because his accountant is behind. But, there are other things, things they don’t have in the kitchen, etc. And instead of using a supplier, Patron is going out to buy them. All in all, I think it’s about money woes.


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