Break In @ Somewhere Else

I’ve had a new wrinkle in the move! I just got my keys today and got into the house, I’d seen it before, and someone took polyurethane coating they used to refurbish my floors and poured it on the counter! I feel this should be my last day of even *thinking* about living there! Since I put my name on that house, I’ve had the glass on the storm door smashed in. Shannon who works at the office said the mailman did that, trying to put mail in the slot. Wind, don’t you know? But, I don’t believe her. And here’s why. Even though they said the tenant wouldn’t be out until Nov 31st, they had put a note on the mail slot to the post office that the Fant family no longer lives there, please don’t deliver their mail. Thank you very much! If that mailman opened the door, he would have likely already known. So, since I know people saw me looking at the outside of that apartment, I guess that someone doesn’t like me, at all. So far as I know, I don’t have any acquaintances there, at all. Of course, with that damned voucher, if I want to move now, I’d have to just move somewhere else on my own funding and just give up my benefit.

I name my houses and I think that Somewhere Else is a damned good name for this place, because that’s just where I’d like to be. I can’t say that, though. Damned that voucher! It just makes my teeth grind at night to think that I have to live like this! My sole consolation is that it could be worse, I could be on the street.

Now about the break in, I have not had one. I just got the damned keys today. I feel that this house is a candidate for that, and I am sure I’ll have to get extra help in getting a security system up and running. They’ve given me a flippy knob at the back door, it needs to be keyed. The truth is that I don’t like the neighborhood, I’ve lived near it and it was crime ridden. My excuse? Well, see the other posts about my struggle to get the voucher housing in a decent area!


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