I still haven’t moved yet!

I have a tad more than a quarter of my personal clothes, etc at the new place, but everything else is still here, chez moi for the last two years. I did not EVEN GO to the new house yesterday! The thing is, except for the neighborhood, the townhome is actually pretty sweet. Oh, it has no washer dryer, so I’ll have to invest in portables, but in the meantime? It’ll be okay. And the positive thing, if I actually find a job, I can go back to the neighborhood that I want to live in! I need to start looking for both. My illnesses have made work difficult. And I have more injuries now for some reason, I dunno why. But honestly, I don’t think I should go back to work, I’m too ill. Still the spirit is willing, if the body isn’t.

I don’t get the girl next door. I feel that she’s in “like” with this guy, but I don’t get the love vibe, ever, from them! I think she’s an unusual girl who is looking for something *normal.* But how is that type of person likely to find love and a new life in Stepford VA? Her boyfriend gives me the willies! Mark my words, he and Lisa are going to give me trouble when I leave. Lisa is the rental accounts manager and I’ve rented from her before. And the woman is the reason that I was supposed to give up my pets? Nah, it was Jack, but he doesn’t even have a real estate license? This potpourri of characters is just about as annoying as all get out.

I don’t get why Lisa is so upset with me! I didn’t have anything to do with the fact that Shelby put three ladies in her duplex and charged them rent! It wasn’t my fault. The ladies themselves should have told on Shelby. Lisa lied to get her out of it. I’m staying far away until something happens, but if I ever lose my voucher over anything I’m going to make sure Horner $ Newell don’t ever ever get to use voucher housing. I’ve got that one in the bag!


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