My Former Coworkers: In the Diary Room

Tina, a small very loud lady who gets angry when things aren’t done her way. She took a dislike to me, and personally I could care less. She’s older and that doesn’t look GOOD on her, do you know what I mean? The bags under her eyes almost droop to her waist. She has some money, please, someone take this lady to a cosmetics counter for some really good skin care!

Allyson, well, I’ve told you about her, about her ways and really, if it were me, I’d be thinking about reworking my mental health plan. Some of the things she does suggests an anxiety disorder (“I’ve had over a hundred restaurant jobs in the last decade.”) And her weed smoking is likely a means to self-medicate, which, honestly, I don’t know if she was smart enough to try Zoloft, or some other drug. Try the Fan free clinic! She entered Dental school this year, and I hope she’s still there, and hasn’t left in a hissy. If she can get it, it’s decent work with a steady employability. See above, I feel for ya, honestly. But you’ve got to make changes to make it happen.

Wendy, oh, girl! You do NOT seem to know how good you have it! You are a gay woman who seems to be accepted by all for what you are in Central Virginia!!! If you’d grown up in my small hometown you’d have been scared witless to open your mouth about being gay. I saw so many just destroyed because of gay hatred there. And that house you live in that used to belong to your grandparents? Also another really big stroke of luck! You aren’t out kissing ass making money and paying it to somebody else for something they own. It’s in your family, or yours. Honestly, you’re lucky.

Patricia, well, I have only one question: what on earth did you have to argue about all day with your boyfriend, that was so upsetting it put him into his grave? Sometimes from the look in your eye when you speak of that day, your eyes get so dark, as if the very memory of it makes you angry.


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