Free Fall

I discovered that I’m in the exact same spot I was at the other house. A landlord who is someone I have to push to get repairs done, and really, I simply do not give a damn. I mean, I don’t want to stay here. They gave me the apt. with the bathroom tub faucets washers corrupted, so they’re going to be over Wednesday to fix it. You know, since I have to get the pets out, and while the office is closed, this is complicated, and really, punches me in the nose. I know they’ll tell.

I”m not giving up on my pets, I’m giving up on this house. I would never have moved in with a ruined counter when I payed for rent myself, why should it be any different now? I’ll tell you why, I have to toady to some government program that pays things and makes me show them my asshole. Bend over? Nah. I’m making plans to get my freedom back!


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