I hopped onto Blackboard this morning and found that I had a zero for a small project that we were supposed to do in the first week. I’ve used Blackboard before, but the profs here tend to make you hunt for all the details of assignments. I had a software conflict for this class, and the prof finally gave me other files, but I looked at that this morning and said: “That’s it, I don’t even like the reading, I quit.” I borrowed to do this, so quitting is a grand idea! It saves me money, because even if I don’t finish I still have to pay my loans back. This program wasn’t student friendly.

What a slimy piece of fish I’m eating with all my problems! I will only owe 5 thousand dollars if I can pay my interest in a timely manner and not let them capitalize anything. Which means of course–job!

I’m so angry at everything that has happened here, I’m doing the only thing I can do, take a stress break nap!


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