Tonight while writing on my romance group, I gave up on Section 8

I was going through, trying to see what I could tell them that would explain how distressful being a participant can be from time to time. I feel that it’s bullied me, and I am a disabled person, with panic attacks and disorder. I suppose they would just say my illness means that I’m wrong when I say they’re bullying me, but they send out letter with the biggest threats in them, and I’ve had absolute hysterics over some of it! Twice they’ve sent out a letter saying they were going to cancel me by x date for not sending the paperwork they requested, but the end of the letter makes it sound like they’ve already cancelled the voucher. Plus, I’d already sent them the paperwork both times, those bozo’s had misplaced it! The closest I can come to an analogy is that I have an angry abusive husband who threatens to take the house and children away from me for no reason, except that he likes to exercise his power.


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