The woman at Adams who is in charge of the MA Counseling program dropped me from all of my classes. I asked her to drop me, of course. I got behind in the beginning because my books showed late, and then the reading was such a bore. Who would have thought that would be true? I’ve never been bored by psych reading before! And the professors take on how to use the Blackboard simply confounded me. Perhaps mine didn’t work properly? The Colorado trip this summer weighed heavily on my mind as well. How am I going to dump all my responsibilities for a week in the summer and then fly 2500 miles to do a practicum? I’ve already called Liberty, and despite it’s religious bent, it’s the only school that I can drive to for the practicums. Liberty’s on campus program is CACREP accredited, the online program is not. Adams was accredited. Perhaps I should dump the counseling idea? I feel like I should have known better in the beginning. But it wasn’t clear to me that I couldn’t borrow for the trip, which left me wondering where I’d get money. So, given the difficulties, I decided to dump Adams State.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be sorry that I did later, but I could not get over the trip, and it’s cost, and the fact I’d have to fly public to get there. Plus, there are always my Internet investigation activities, and I always wonder if they will bite me in the butt for what I investigated in the state of Colorado? PLUS, I want to pick up the Ramsey case again. And I could have taken a day or two in Colorado to feel things out. BUt investigating can get people rubbed the wrong way, and knowing my luck, I’d get in trouble in school for asking questions! So, for many reasons, I suddenly had a reverse decision on my enrollment in a Colorado school.

The schools online are all over the place, and many of them are not truly completely online I’ve found. That kind of ties me to Liberty, which is only two hours away by car. I have to pay my alma mater a small hospital bill before I can get them to send out an official transcript. I get paid the 27th, and I’m fighting my housing, so I might not want to pay that yet, and wait until about May to go to school? Nah, if I get to go back to school I want to do it NOW. Liberty has a semester that starts in March and I could take 3 8 week courses and not really lose any time.


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