Okay, so I can accept that my new neighbor Renae seemed to hate my guts the minute we met. It wasn’t the pets, because I took about seven days to get them over to my new digs. And even though I don’t have the big dogs any more, and little Elle is with another person, I still seem to be causing an uproar over the pets. I’ve decided that I want to move in with someone else and get rid of this apartment and the Section 8 voucher.

It holds me back from trying to make a comeback in the workforce! If my company or boss finds out about it, which I have to report everything, I will be fired from any company where I’d really make decent cash. And it’s a federal policy that you must report your income and your employers have to sign off on it. Personnel could be the only people who know, but who’s naive enough to believe it won’t get back to your supervisors?  There is so much hatred for people who get the housing vouchers. And I need to work.

For me now, it’s all about the money! I have 2.4 million dollars to earn between now and actual traditional retirement age. And I have to sock an incredible amount of that away, so I’ve got to get cracking! I don’t have a clue how I’ll do it, but it’s what needs to be done. I spent so much time in sales, and I regret that I ever tried it. I managed to find that many places were not easy to sell at, and others where I sold at were just not lucrative. So that leaves me with a voucher to throw away, so I don’t get penalized with criminal charges over the pets in federal housing, and this place is a fishbowl, where I have little privacy.  There are children out playing this afternoon in the bitter cold and they’re right in front of my windows.  I was told by the office that all the property here is community property, but I need privacy.

I was on one of my romance groups and they bashed me for 24 hours straight over my complaints about the section 8 program here and how it’s managed.  Perhaps I didn’t explain it well, or maybe they just saw one point and stopped reading right there in order to respond.  I got the thread pulled and then they started another one over the closed thread.  And that’s the kind of bullying I got at work this fall.  Well, since only one person that I know in person and we’re no longer friends, knows me on that group, perhaps I learned an expensive lesson cheaply:  if I want to get out in the real world again, I can’t do it with a housing voucher.  I’ve already quit renewing things, because I really feel they simply aren’t worth the time and effort.  I no longer get food stamps, and while I get my social security payment, that will quit too once I find a job.

So this should be my plan to deal with this townhome that turned out to be a complete and total fiasco:  I will wait to see what the response to my request for an accommodation is, and if the answer is no, I move in with my friend and place my pets anyway.  I do know that I REFUSE to give anyone money who forces me to hurt my animals!


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