Stuck at home in the snow

Our area got at least 6 to 10 inches and my driveway isn’t plowed yet.  I think that kind of says it all for the attention this apartment community pays to anything.  The first day I got my keys I found the counter had polyurethane poured on it.  Later, I had to go back in to turn off the upstairs overhead light in the bedroom.  It’s blatantly obvious when it’s on even with the shades closed.  I got upstairs and the light was off!  I wasn’t mistaken, someone was likely inside the house, while I was too, and  hiding.  I hadn’t moved in yet, and with my housing program, I can’t really say no without losing my voucher when the deadline is so close and I’ve nothing else in front of me to put the voucher down on.  But I’ve realized too late I should have turned in the voucher, rather than live here.  I had four days left on my 120 days to find a house when I signed for this, and instead of being lucky, it’s been a complete mess.  I have a disability and HUD says there is language in the policies that I could have looked longer, but I considered it too much to risk, then.  The housing authority I use is known to be abusive to their clients, and the races are an issue with them.  I’m white, and they can’t keep white clients.  That’s because the workers are all black and they screw with white people.  XXXXX, my new worker, screwed with me up one side and down the next.  I know they’d try to say it was because she was new, and untrained, but actually, I had her on the phone three times about my changes and she said the first time she had thirty days to complete the paperwork.  Then she said she had it and was in the process, this was about 45 days, and about 53 days I went ahead and called the HUD contact I found.  And he called his contact, because he oversees problems at my housing authority.  And my paper got done in less than a week!  Nothing shocks me any more about them.  I feel like their victim and I want that to end, without winding up homeless.  Or dead.  I really don’t like the idea someone was able to hide in the apartment when I was inside and that so many ugly things have happened here. I really don’t know if that’s doable.  I’m ready to go to Lowe’s and get four medium sized boxes and put the things that I feel I can’t live without over at that friends house, and then wait for the answer to the pets.  If it’s no, I get to the attorney’s and find out if they can do anything for me.  They say no half the time.  If they say I need a private attorney for this one, I can’t do a thing, except try to pull a Jonathan Lee Riches!  And I might not even do that, they put him in jail, prolly mainly for all his lawsuits, which are pure comedy gold.  I want to make it crystal clear that without that deadline looming I would never have signed a lease here. I spend so much time worrying about it all, from the last two and a half years, when I really saw them for what they were, and how much power they had over me, along with the landlords, that I am seriously thinking that my attention span drop and the anxiety level increase I experienced is all because of that.  I already have an anxiety disorder and I can’t stand this shit.  I’ve decided, since I had to do a request for accommodation for my pets, that I would move if it’s not approved.  In order to move I’d have to turn in my voucher, and right now I see that as a good thing.  I’m going to live with my dad’s ex girlfriend.  Don’t get me wrong, I will still have to place many of all of the pets I have with me now, but I refuse to pay the apartment complex any more cash if they say no.  I feel I got ripped off entirely.  I got forced to sign a lease that requires that I submit to a judges order.  Don’t worry about that, because I know how it will go, with the landlord.  So I have to at least make my case that the apartment was falsely presented to me.  The model is 20 percent bigger than the apartment I rented.  I don’t have any money to give those cunts.  I refuse.


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