Living in poverty almost always means you live near bad news: here again!

And what’s worse, many of the girls I worked with, both when I was in my thirties and forties, had no class whatsoever!  They’d steal and then turn around and point fingers at someone who had nothing to do with it, and then get their friends to say they’d seen the innocent person do it too!  I’m pretty sure that’s part of what happened to me when that girl next door had her package stolen.  The guy Ron on the other side of us had a roommate, and he was home, and the lawnmower guy was across the street working and there were people walking through the hood too.  But Shelby was home, as usual, and also Debbie, so there were ample people actually there to steal.  If Debbie or Shelby did it, they’d never tell on each other.  They are both known as thieves and they point fingers at each other.  It’s kind of funny, because it’s obvious both of them are lying, and my old landlord likely did things to me over their lies. I see now that Butch was right on the money.  I should never have spoken to anyone there.  He said they were saying one thing to me and when my back was turned, they said something completely else.  What I got from living there is that most of them don’t like each other.  I mean they were really not friendly, mostly.

Where I am now, my next door neighbor hates white people, and that’s going to be the end of me here, because she’s already lied to me several times, trying to influence things.  And she’s put on shows, incidents that are obviously fabricated.  I have this feeling sometimes about the things people are capable of doing, and I think she’s likely to say the pets annoyed her.  But I was here and she was rude long before I put the pets here.  And she lies!  She said she’s a nurse!  How stupid to think I would believe her.  She obviously doesn’t have the emotional stability to be a nurse, and if she managed to get through school, the nurses on the floor would quickly get rid of her for troublemaking.  I suppose she’s yet another former drug addict to deal with!  I stayed home and kept my cancer stricken father for ages, and with my illness, I have no retirement.  These druggies manage to find money out the wazoo, and they have houses and things for free.  At least two of the people who lived at my old place acknowledge they retired over drug use and abuse and that they were on multiple psych meds.  That was Shelby and Debbie, and in legal terms their testimony means nothing.  Did you know that all drug addicts are sociopaths?  I thought that might be the case, but Debbie admitted that she was, and Shelby is obviously a socio.  She’s an alchie.  So, I can see why I never got into drugs, where so many in my teen years did:  I didn’t have the personality to be a drug addict! It’s a long time after leaving, about three months and this place I’m in now is cheap.  That’s all I can say about it.  I’m practically the only white person here and people aren’t rude, but they keep to themselves, and so do I.


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