I saw Nicole in my new neighborhood a while back.  I don’t know what that means actually, but it does make me uncomfortable.  What are the chances she’s friends with anyone here?  I got early on that she’s snooty and does not like many people.  She immediately disliked me, and her boyfriend was pretty much the same.  They’re not friendly with anyone there, according to Scott, my neighbor who lives with Michelle.  Or, maybe that’s another lie Scott said to my face, while the truth was something else, behind my back?  The neighbors could have an email circle and all be friends?  After what Butch said, and what Debbie Reeves claims Kim Dawson did to me, I think it’s pretty clear, someone just disliked me and the pets really bad.  Now, Michelle is one of those fat witches who does not like anyone whom her guy speaks to, and I really never was too friendly with him.  So, what is her beef?  She suffers from peripheral obesity and that could end her life with heart troubles and diabetes.  I asked her once if she wanted to walk the hood and her answer was a resounding “no.”  So I gave up any and all contact with her, at that point.

One day, Tracy, the woman who’s an alcoholic and who hangs out with that crazy older guy who lives next to Shelby, tried to get me in her van, while she was drunk and driving, and that guy was with her.  I said no.  I walked to the store from my home (yeah, that was nice, actually) and on the way back, saw them drive through the guys driveway, and across the 2317 backyard and up to Tracy’s driveway.  They called the police and I waited with them, to see how it would play out.  Guess what?  The cops said that since the only person who saw them directly was underage, and he didn’t see it himself, he could not write any tickets!  He didn’t believe any magistrate would take the word of a teen.  (I didn’t see the van drive all the way through so I could not be a witness.)  AFAIK, nothing ever happened to Tracy for that drunk driving episode.

Nothing else of note really happened there except for Horner & Newells incessant letters over the pets.  They were really troublesome, and I would not rent from them again, because of their attitude.  They didn’t do many repairs for the house I was in, refused to get rid of the ants that were present when I moved in, and they actually told Bill Thornton, a trustee of the church, who later told me on the phone, that I only had two pets on the copy of the lease they had in their possession, while the lease I had said three.  H&N presented a lease initially that said two pets and I said NO WAY to signing that one.  They later got a lease with three pets, and I signed that one.  So, if it had ever gone to court, I could have pointed out this discrepancy to the judge, along with the amounts of money paid by the lease, one place saying 725 and another saying 700, to void it as a contract.  Of course, the church who got the money from that house believed only Horner & Newell.  And that was a major mistake on their part, but I’ll let them figure that one out for themselves.

There was one lady who had a kiddie day care center in her home.  I wonder do those parents know that her adult child was arrested for violence, and later jailed?  Personally, a woman with an adult child who lived in the area and came home, whose personal life was in chaos and included spousal or friend violence would be someone I would not want my child to be in the care of!  Suppose they came while my child was there?  They’d listen to yelling and arguing and I wouldn’t want that, ever.  I doubt that anyone there was ever smart enough to complain to social services about her kiddie keep, and the legal troubles of her child.  I don’t know if anything else of note ever happened in that neighborhood while I was there, that either included or did not include me.  The Grooms moved out claiming they had another house and the landlord wouldn’t actually do repairs. The woman who owned that home was in jail, according to the landscaper.

This is part of the reason that I want back into the work force!  Without good money,   the quality of people you deal with on a day to day basis just stinks.  I used to live poor while in school and I found it to be the same them.  Dealing with drug addicted, or former drug addicted neighbors is a pain in the butt.  Every one of those women had some kind of alcohol abuse problem, even Michelle who is co-dependent.

I’m kind of bemused over whether or not it was a good thing that I left.  I could always go back.  H&N does not own or manage all the houses.  But those houses have worse noise troubles than where I’m at now, so I will get a lawyer and sue over the train wreck manipulative crap some asshole did to me.  A private detective is just one thousand dollars away!


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