“general factotum”

I still see that girl Nicole in my neighborhood, each time driving a different SUV.  I haven’t gotten the license plates yet, but that woman sure is trouble!  I’m 100 percent sure she’s a sociopath.  She has all the qualities:  the manipulativeness, the uncanny way people like her, even when she’s unkind to them, and there is something very *other* about her that I’ve not quite picked up on yet.  She’s the type of person in life that I NEVER want to see again.

I’m okay here otherwise.  The rent is low, I’ve got a few strange neighbors, but I learned my lesson from my last hood, I only speak to people that I cannot escape.  And I’m convinced I should not do even that!  So, I spend my time working on a way to get back to my life, better than it’s ever been before.

I’m trying to see what type of diet will work for me.  I know, I know.  I used to be great at losing weight, and then my knees went bad and boom!  Fat just creeped up on me and won’t let go.  I have to go to Colorado Springs this June.  It’s necessary and I’m going for a week.  I can’t really beg off without undoing all my plans.  That means I have to get on a plane and fly while these stupid fucking terrorists are out there using the planes and passengers as a means to a political ends.  Excuse me?  I don’t care for politics.  If someone else wasn’t paying for it I couldn’t go anyway.  And it scares me to no end that I might wind up being an unwitting victim of someone else’s bullshit.

And speaking of politics and bullshit, the trial in Colorado is online, but the reception I get on KDVR is bad, and the theatre shooting trial is going over all the things we’ve seen before, and it’s supposedly going to places we’ve not seen in the news.  I want to read that damned notebook!  I saw a few drawings or something on livejournal from that Sioux boy who said he wanted to take the razorblade express, and then killed his cop grandfather, some other people and teachers and classmates.  That was in Minnesota on an Indian reservation somewhere.  I always wonder why someone does that!  They’ve revealed that James said at age 13 that he thought about killing people, so he’s been homicidal for a long time.  And no one did anything about it!  He should have been hospitalized the day he said that.  So it’s not just Fenton, it’s a long list of psychologists and providers who never spoke up for James, who never hospitalized him.  He tried to kill himself at 11.  So, he’s likely a high functioning borderline personality and that is the end of him.  The law is behind the research, and still says that personality disorder is not considered a mental illness, and isn’t grounds for not guilty by reason of insanity.  Structure equals function and the brain of a sociopath is different than the brain of a normal person.

And that likely explains why they do the things they do!


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