The personality theorist in me

Says that personality disorders don’t exist!  The lists of behaviors could actually be things people do at various times in their life in regards to real world situations.  If they don’t actually match the things a person in the higher social classes might do, does that make their behavior any less valid for them?  Or you could take another tact and say that unusual behavior is the result of psychological injury, a PTSD type response to life after some major trauma.  And yes, what is a major injury to one person, might be something another simply sloughs off at the end of the day.  It’s all in the individual personality, but don’t make it wrong, or somehow less valid.  That’s disrespectful of the human race in general.

Now, about James, I saw about a split second of the interview because of technical problems, but I could see that he was actually speaking clearly, he didn’t look upset, or schized out in any way.  The one thing the doc pointed out (Dr. Reid, LOL) was that James eyes are dilated, and he asked him when that started.  James said it began once he got to jail. One thing that we won’t ever know, because no one is mentioning it:  did they ever put James on any psych meds?  Your brain is all bioelectricity and some of the meds make certain individuals look like they’d just stuck their hand in an electric socket and got a huge shock.  And if it wasn’t meds, that’s making his eyes do something freaky, yet again, perhaps it was simply the stress and fear of being put on trial for a series of murders?  That’s actually my guess.

What was he thinking would be the outcome of what he did?  I somehow think he was simply too ill to know how it was almost assured to end!


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