Blamed for a little kitten out running loose…

These damned black women are batty and catty as hell.  Of the 150 or so townhomes here, about 10 of them are occupied by white people.  I had to live here, there was no where else in time.  It should not matter what your race is, it’s a place to live, but it DOES.  Management just about banged my door down, and I was in bed asleep trying to take care of the feet, and didn’t answer.  But I remembered that I did change the phone number, and they don’t have it.  (My attorney takes it all for granted, and wants to get everything from the landlord on paper.)   I tried to calm one woman by saying there was nothing to be afraid of and she responded aggressively, saying the cat had tried to come into her house.  Obviously, the cat is someone’s pet, and they let it out and it got lost.  There are many streets here, and really, the houses all look the same.  I don’t want another pet.  I have someone whom I know who needs a kitten.  He’s likely about 8 weeks old.  He’s not hungry, nor did he seem particularly thirsty, and since it’s hot, this just clinched it, the cat does belong to someone!  One of the ladies pointed out that he didn’t seem the least bit afraid of me, that he must be mine.  I told them no he’s not.  But when I’ve had continuing problems over 7 months with just two women here, it seems to me that they really want me to move.  So I’m pretty sure that a lot of this mornings drama was for my benefit.

I felt a rage directed at me.  The new lady from this morning, the one who said the cat had tried to walk into her home, is one who has managed to keep her pet secret from the townhome management.  I found out when Roberta held me talking to me in the back, only to find out when I walked around to the front door, that someone had put poop on my porch!  Roberta had never spoken to me before, she avoided me,  and she has really sneaky eyes.  I went and spoke with management about being continually blamed for everything that happens with the pets.  And she said that my next door neighbor and I were the only two on the block who have pets.  That’s not true, the lady at 6 has a dog and the lady who flipped out said that the cat was trying to get into her apt. which was number 6!  I think a lot of people here have large numbers of people living in the townhomes.  So I’d never noticed this gal before.

I want to get out of the housing in this area because of the voucher holders.  Most of them are really not bad people, but they don’t work, and they stay home and play games with each other.  I think my apt.has been turned over every two years or so.  And the women I’ve been dealing with this morning have mainly been here over 5 years.   I wish I was a sociopath who knew how to flip this around on them, and instead of me having to leave, they do!

But, honestly, I do not see that happening!


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