Fourth of July Fireworks on the Fifth

I had one crazy 4th experience with that bipolar woman on Semmes who lived above me in grad school.  She deliberately put an outdoor torch in the basement so the fumes would go up into my floor.  All the fire department did to that woman is tell her she should not do that again.

Later, the woman behind me on W 49th did some really nasty yelling and screaming on Memorial Day one year.

I’ve gotten used to the fact that these bitches are crazy.  Sara was crazy, and I heard the terrible things she said to people, and how she lied and got them put in jail.

So when I have a woman who’s saying there is poop in her yard, and I know it’s not mine, I figure it’s a game she’s playing.  Her son called the management on flies at my doorway, after someone spilled some sugary drink on my doormat.  I didn’t use the front door, and it’s either Renae’s guests or me who use our porch, no one else.  I felt that sugary mat and flies were another piece of drama.

So today, I get home and the bitch has left something on in her home that made the fire alarm ring.  I called maintenance and they said to call 911.  I told them I saw no smoke nor felt any heat and if they wanted to call 911 it was THEIR responsibility.  I finally had to do the UNTHINKABLE in this neighborhood:  I knocked on doors to find someone who had her phone number, so they could call her and get her to come home.  She bitched at the doorway, I was inside, about what good it would do if the house were on fire if she were to come home.  What a freaking dingbat!  I hate having to deal with her shit.  I want to stay for two years, but I will likely just move and see if I can avoid the crazy witches I have here.  No one in their right mind would come to live here.  I was desperate is my sole reason!


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