Le tonnere de dimanche est le tonnere du diable!

I have looked at housing in this area and I’ve divided it into groups:  medium slum, better slum, and total slum.  Right now I’m in a medium slum.  The complex is fenced except for one entrance, which is not gated.  There is a federal military hospital on the right of the complex, abutting it, and an Army Reserve building on the left of the complex.  The rest of the area is either neighborhoods or streets.  I felt that this might be safer because of the federal complexes near us.  Last nights forth celebrations left an ambulance at the end of my drive, and I don’t know what happened, and am  never likely to.  I walked outside and Renae and her boyfriend were out and Renae was talking about some of the guys, and I didn’t get one acknowledgement.  To be fair, I didn’t give one either.  There was rain still left on the streets and I could hear but not see a professional sounding fireworks display.  I read until 10 p.m. to try and catch up on my books, but I have so much foot pain, that later is complimented by knees stiffness from sliding in those new shoes, that I can’t concentrate well.  It’s been foot pain with Plantar’s fasciitis for over two months now, and I’ve never had pain that long.

My sleep is still somewhat restless, even though I’ve gotten a new bed.  It’s a full and I usually get a Queen because I still hang off the bed in a full.  I really can’t sleep that well, now.  I’m a better sleeper in the daytime.  I’ve become aware of myself and my life in whole new way in the last few years, about how short time could be for me, and how I have to hurry to do something to protect the pets and the brother that I love, in their old age, if I’m gone.  I’ve decided that I’m kidding myself, I can’t do anything to protect me, much less someone else, after I’m dead and buried.  Sometimes things are just so confusing, that I want to run away!  One lifetime problem that I have is that I have zero pain tolerance, but a few orthopedic injuries/conditions that keep hurting.  I can’t concentrate through them!  And I need to, and I need to be able to clean a few hours every day, for the pets do make a mess, and I like a super clean house.  The pets plus my health woes mean that I sometimes don’t have a clean house.

I need to go back to work, in an economy that doesn’t hire people over 40.  Which means I will have a tough time.  I have three things to write by tonight, and need to take some time to finish reading.  I put arbitrary time blocks for my scripts,and papers, but not my blog posts. They simply come when they come.  So now, off to take the dogs out and then back home to do reading and rest my foot and my knee!



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