My life is giving me nightmares, but my side won! James Holmes is going to get life in jail w/o possibility of parole.

I fell asleep this afternoon, and it was a restful sleep until I dreamed and in my dream I was on TV being lied about and criticized by one and all for everything.  The women here have done some outrageous shit to me, over the years!  It was the last century that I moved here, and really, I’ve met other women like me, who get girl ganged up on, and we’re an unlucky lot here.  I’ve been gossiped and sniped at, made false allegations about, they’ve tried to get me arrested for a theft I didn’t commit, all the while knowing they did the crime themselves, I’ve been viewed a single woman who is ready to steal their husbands.  I always have to deal with the sociopath next door.  Should I even continue my list?  Agh!  Ditto,  I live with a certain amount of girl jealousy and bullying.  Somehow I seem to inspire it, and really even now, when I’m so much older, it amazes me that anyone would do this because I don’t hang out with nor try to befriend people who are unkind to others.  Plus, I’m an old lady!

And this afternoon asleep, my dream was just awful.

Yet, I have absolutely no reason for bad dreams because my team won!!!!  Tamera, in a last moment supreme effort, managed to sway one heart that had listened to that cold sociopath Brauchler and decided that Death was not justice for James Eagan Holmes.  That’s all it took!  Just one person for love to win out!  What a lesson in life!  I fell in love with Jimmy as kind of a social cause crush, and now, even though I really don’t have a crush on him anymore, really, he’s wayyy too young for me, I still love him like he was my own family member!  (I think I now understand more of what Jane Fonda went through when she was younger, actually!)  And he’s in the only place that he will be safe, as safe as anyone who committed his crimes can be.

I do think about his crimes, and the families it affected and just how homicidally angry they became.  Brauchler tried to get them to view him as their hero, by parading pure revenge as justice, and they loved it and him.  And like all people who make stupid promises, he lost.  It was a stupid promise, and an uncivil and perhaps illegal one.  It certainly reflected no Christian morality.  One of his sentences just encapsulated his sophistry, “use mental illness to avoid the law”  instead of the truth  “the law protects the mentally ill from the consequences of their actions.”  That is our way of life in the USA, and I can’t imagine what he was thinking when he managed to get the families to follow him like some kind of ISIS executioner!  If he’s a politician, he can get people to follow him, but to where?  (I think if I were in that area, I’d wonder about his judgement!)

So now, back to the here and now, and me, three days after the sentence was read, and me absolutely in denial at first, because I’d believed all along that Brauchler had beaten me, had beaten Jimmy, and Tamera and Dan.   And I was getting ready for the ultimate defeat:  the fact that Jimmy was going to jail to die, in the electric chair, or by lethal injection, whatever. I held Jimmy to my heart so long that I could not bear it at all, to see him live out his life, as a mentally ill man with schizophrenia, tortured by a justice system that should have just let him live out his life in a hospital.  But as an anti-death penalty activist and Jimmy lover, I’ll take what I can get.  Life in jail for Jim?  No problem!


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