I’m okay you’re okay.

The psych programs out there have all kinds of quirks.  The online ones have the limitation that you never get hands on training.  And they cost as much or more than a brick or mortar school.  Every person and text out there has warned that no one likes counseling addicts, they lie about all their experiences, and their counselors are almost always people with past drug experiences.  But if you get a social services job counseling alcoholics and you aren’t an ex alcoholic, well, that’s bad?  Actually, if I can’t write the best seller anti-smoking program, then my next idea was working with the chronic alcoholics via a Social Services Agency somewhere.  And my next idea after that was dealing with borderlines who are doing things like cutting, quitting therapy too ill for school.  Etcetera.  As long as state and local and federal govt. is alive and kicking, there will always be programs.  And as a person who works in social services, you have the chance to set and CHANGE POLICY!



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