To Speak Out, or Not?

My cousins niece is on my Facebook page and she recently opined that someone had let her down.  I was of the opinion it was a guy.  And she posted some pics of herself looking too sexy on her way out the door for a date.  I wanted to try to get her to tone her dress down a bit, because men don’t understand that women’s take on fashion is a woman competition thing, they think lots of things, many of them aren’t very complimentary to girls!  So, I don’t know this young lady well enough to say anything but the temptation is always there.  There is a difference between fun date dress, and out and out catwalk fashion, which a guy can read, come and get me.  I was wondering if I should give her the talk about guys who sleep with girls too soon often are about ten dates and then they mysteriously disappear?


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