Whisky Tango Foxtrot

I spend a lot of time going over the news and wondering if any of it will bite me in the butt.  My main thing is wondering if the US govt. will have money to pay my retirement, and if I’ll continue to get medical care.  Or will the govt. draw the line, somewhere, and say:  “Guess, what?  We’re not treating you anymore.”  And either leave me dead, or without care.  And wtf could I do about it if they did?

I keep saying I need to bank 1.9 million to fund my retirement to the amount of 35 k per year.  That’s small, but it’s livable at this point, with a paid for house.  I am still unemployed!  I don’t know if a sheepish grin is the appropriate response, or something akin to an all out self-improvement race.  Of course, so much in my life resists change!  NO MATTER WHAT I DO TO IT, IT WON’T GO ANYWHERE.




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