My little bullshit detector is going off big time, and I think I’ve got trouble in school.  This semester I had one professor say I wasn’t citing enough for APA style.  I cited two times in each paragraph, for the same study:  what on earth do they want?  In any event, I don’t want to get back to school right now, for fear that the illnesses that have plagued me and made me feel so awful would attack me again.  If I can’t do my work, I am simply wasting my money!  What court is ever going to hire me at my age, anyway?

My program is non licensure track, I was hoping some practitioner would hire me as their assistant.  But hell, do you see what I did, when I went into the track for drug use and abuse?  The sociopaths that I’ve had so much trouble with all my life, that gang in Charlottesville, and the people in sales in Richmond, are the personality types I’d be treating if I ever got a job in my field.  According to Doweiko:  84 percent of sociopaths have a drug abuse problem.  I walked away with no drug use problem despite the druggies in my neighborhood growing up, and I am proud of that!  But as a second career, I don’t think it’s a really grand idea, because the money isn’t there.  I am really thinking it would be smarter to do something else.  But I’ve invested a lot of time and money already.  What do I do?

Listen to my gut which says to get the hell out of my current school, or not?



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