While Life Plays Out Around Me

I am home, doing nothing.  I had an epiphany about my former program, and think it wasn’t a good use of my money.  The problem with that school was that people wrote online about psychology, and then they’d flip on a dime, and write about how their religion helped them.  I felt like I had to participate in this kind of constant non sequitur.  And it’s the type of verbal isms that either amuse you, or perhaps make you believe the person is a bit off their rocker.  And don’t get me wrong, I liked my classmates, but I could see how some of the teachers could be doing me no favors.  I had a situation with one where she constantly downgraded my citations for APA style. Every statement I made, I had to have a citation, even if it was made in the same paragraph, off the same study, that I’d already introduced.  I feel that being online and getting the critiques by profs is difficult.  I can’t gauge if someone is being fair, or if they’re being too lax.


I’ve been reading others online who go to exam finals for their program and if they don’t pass any part of it they do not get their masters!  Many of the online schools have complaints.  I checked my alma mater, a well known brick and mortar school, and I didn’t find one complaint about them.  So that’s a clue by four about the quality of the schools and the way they’re run.  And what am I supposed to do about it all?  Well, not attend, is the first thought that comes to mind.

Let me be crystal clear about the economy and jobs:  a woman with my circumstances would have a difficult time finding work, no matter what kind of education I have.  This central area is known to be difficult.  And I’ll lose my place to live if I don’t find some kind of job.  The 800 dollars I’ve been trying to live off of goes NOWHERE!  So, I have to either start over somewhere, or just give up.  And with the current economy, I hear from everyone in my age group that there is just no one hiring.  I try to find out what kind of work I could apply for, and feel I’m really in a bad spot for sales.  I DON’T WANT TO SELL PEOPLE THINGS THEY DON’T NEED AGAIN!  Of all the things I sold in my career, no one actually needed any of it.  These were simply wants, not needs.  And while mostly my sales were in the low price point arena, some of them were not.


So it’s Friday night, and I’m home, hoping that I find something to do.  I’m a social isolate by economic necessity.  Or maybe it’s social economics.  How much money you have, or what career,  determines who is your friend and who walks by you without a glance.  I’ve had some tough times.



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