“You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”Ann Rand

My pad case and the mint green maxi dress I ordered from Venus came today while I was napping.  I thought my little Lenovo was dead on arrival, so I had them ship me a replacement, but I got the first one working.  Now I have two and I wonder should I pay for the second one, or just ship one of the two back?  They’re both 8 inches, and are better for reading within apps.  My internet reading for school is on the Pearson education website!  The pages don’t render well and the printer seems to be broken.  I tried yesterday to print this last two weeks chapters, no dice.

So I have a paper due tomorrow that I have no reading for, sweet, hum?  Online school is fraught with perils, both electronic and personal.  When you can’t read your work, you’re fucked.  Really.  But it’s just for this and next week, as my loans are going to bring in enough cash to fix things.  I just have to decide what I want to get!  You’ll frowny face about the healthy sexuality course, this week it’s about alternate sexualities!  I did read one thing I didn’t realize about how psychology categorizes transgendered people:  there are six of them!  Six distinct types of people we refer to as transgendered!  I didn’t realize the term so broadly referred to people who were going through surgery reassignment, but also, through to the married man who likes to dress in womens’ clothes.

Speaking of women’s clothes, my dress is lower backed than I realized from the photo.  I typically am shy of wearing such things, even when I was younger, because of the surgery I had on that cyst.  It left scarring, and it itches still, so I scratch it.  Which, well, I’ll need a makeup artist to cover it up, really well, and a new shawl, in a mint shade, to wear over it.  Also, it needs a wrap around bra let!  I’m a DD, so that’s harder than fuck to find.  Venus has one advertized, with gel sides, and they say they have it in my size.  I’ve never seen anything of the sort that works, actually holds up large breasts.  I’d have to tape myself, which I have not for years.  Taping is typically the domain of the models at photo shoots, as most girls forgo the sticky hurt of having to get it off, no matter what dress they want to wear.  And the clothes in my city do tend to be conservative.  Mostly Venus clothing seems to be Carribean vacation clothes.  I’m no 20 something to go to the south for spring break, so what do I need them for, except to hang in my closet and look cute?

Back to school:  I knew I had to do one other test, and then completely forgot, the other one!  I’m not organized at all!  School is so hard.   And my take is that there won’t be any jobs.   But I have to have something to do!  There has to be a licensed practitioner somewhere who needs an assistant!


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