Life At School

Since I’m online and I really don’t ever get to campus, even though it’s just an hour and a half away, I still feel like I’m part of the community.  And since I am doing a program that I am increasingly down on, I wonder if I should actually find another program at the same school?  It’s a religious school, and I did not want to go back, yet I did, because part of my plan had been to get an MS in Addiction Counseling along with an MA in regular Counseling, with the regular Counseling being the licensed program and the Addition Science being the shorter unlicensed version.  Bluntly, the religious focus, that I believed would help my clients with addictions is getting in the way of simple information and behavioral techniques to use to get people off their drugs.  As a matter of fact, the Clinton books are the only thing I’ve read so far that even approaches this topic!

Take this weeks essay for example, I’m baffled and bemused on what I should write on Family Systems!  I’m required to use two scriptural references and two peer reviewed articles for the paper, which is only 500 words, for goodness sake.  And yet, when I posted my rough draft I got really bad vibes from the prof.  Fortunately, he is granting me the extension I asked for!  I’m reading someone’s thesis from Canada from 1997 about Family Systems and how to apply it to Biblical families, does this give you any idea of what is wrong with this program for me?  I’m not a pastor!  I’m not going to be a pastor!  And this is the type of information path that a pastor would need in pastoral counseling!  Plus, the class is about Human Development, and really, it’s a class I took at another class, two times.  At one school I got an A-, at the next I got a C-.  Why should I ever have to take this class again?  I didn’t like it either the first or the second time, and now that I’m on my third, I’m like, WTF.  It’s a requirement and none of the others would transfer.


So now I’m off to Blackboard to reply to at least four other posts in two classes!




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