I’m having a horrible experience with my human sexuality course at liberty university this semester:

They are messing up the Blackboard, by saying “now, don’t do the discussions listed under Blackboards course content, do the questions listed under the discussions tab.”  Then, when I go to the tab, there is no week four for discussions listed!  Even if I were to know what topics I were to discuss, I would have no place to upload it!  So I emailed the prof about this, and really, added the questions about that sexuality paper, where we are supposed to, in five pages, tell our professor about our sexual development so far.  Excuse me?  So I asked her where I was supposed to include being finger raped at age 11 by a 16 year old who lived in my neighborhood.  It’s not sex, it’s violence, but it shaped my early sex life, my trust level of men, and other social things.  And of course, she has not replied.  I’ve had technical issues galore this semester, not only my printer, but ePearson is impossible to read on a tablet, their app does that circle page for three seconds or more every time I want to page forward, so I’ve had to print, at two pages at a time.  But the sex paper has me rip roaring angry.

I’d left this behind me, oh so long ago, as I well should have, until being asked to look back at my life with this paper.  Do you know, all the online programs have a version of this type of “nosey in your life” paper?  Adams State was just as bad, but not about sex, thank heavens.  We should all have some privacy, and some ability to have boundaries, even if we’re in a program to become a counselor ourselves!  Suppose that paper derails something my therapists have managed to put to bed for me?  And I hurt again over it?

The professors in the Counseling Dept at Liberty University should have given people an option, to do another paper.  On another topic.

My feminine intuition was just going off the charts about going back to Liberty.  I didn’t want to do it because so much of the learning is focused in religion and it’s not helpful to me as a counselor. The one good thing that Liberty has is their incredible online library, which is why I went there, and not someplace else.

I am going to complete this semester, but I am going to go somewhere else, next semester.  This is incredible wasted money if I don’t use my classes.



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