James Bond, Freedom Fighter!


At the opening of Spectre, James Bond is in Mexico City tracking down the people involved in the terrorism attacks co-ordinated by those who might well have killed his lady love, Vesper Lynd.  His mission was ordered by the previous “M” before her death, and is a loosely written continuation of the previous three films in the Bond series, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall.  Bond, in his destructive, dime a dozen cars, buildings, and people, hears a plot for a terror attack at a stadium the same evening that he goes looking for his targets.  Jump Cut to the real point:  How very real that the producers decided to use a false flag event as the political fiasco Bond has to straighten out, along with his team from MI 6!

A new corporation with a C at the helm is taking over the MI 6 operation, and granting a new age in security and surveillance, where 9 member nations all have access to each others information and, as the current “M” opined, “unlimited and unelected power.”  Bond, along with the new Moneypenny, “M”, and “Q” follow the trail of events to find out who is behind the string of terror attacks used to manipulate the public, through media events.  The media reports the stories, then the government responds to manipulate the populace into accepting their decisions, based on events and figures they’ve constructed themselves.  These are called “false flag events” and there is much discussion if this is a real phenomenon, or merely a cultural meme.



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