Ernest Stavro Blofeld

In 1998 the FBI estimated there were 125 serial killers in the United States currently operating.  Ernest Stavro Blofeld is an organized serial killer who operates in Europe and the US, using operatives to make his kills.  He is head of the criminal organization, SPECTRE, and as such, could be considered a comfort serial killer.  By his own admissions, his jealousy of and eventual murder of his father could imply that he needs exceptionally tight controls over those in his immediate sphere.  But his needs for those he loves waxes and wanes, with the most likely reason presenting that Blofeld is a borderline personality disordered male.  He developed an unlikely affection for Dr. Swann when she was simply a child.  Ernest Stavro Blofeld shows all the developmental problems of a serial killer.  These problems show up cutting a wide swath through the normal development of a person.  Blofeld is unique in that he heads a large organization, despite his irrational behavior and speech, which would under normal circumstances lead to attrition in large numbers.



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