I found Chip in the house, sick.

I took him to the vet today and the guy gave him some fluids and some anti-biotics.  His fever is 105.8!  That’s worse than I’ve ever seen in one of my cats, ever.  So, I get home and some flakey animal rights type has emailed me these shelter horror photos.  I cussed them out in a return email.  What type of person sends someone like me unsolicited emails?  I wanted to send them a photo of dead people from Rwanda, or some other genocide, but don’t have one readily available.  People!  So back to Chip.

He’s behind my computer screen and sleeping.  I stopped by Walgreens on the way home and got some cotton balls and a new alcohol bottle, so I can wipe his paws about one time an hour.  That’s supposed to lower the body temp.  Seriously, I hope I got him to the vet in time.  He’s only 2 and a half and he’s the handsomest cat ever!!!new hair cut and color


In other news, I ordered the 160 luxy hair extensions so I can do this look!


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