Personality Psychology Theorist Wanna Be

I have given up on my program at Liberty.  I’m online, so I don’t get the inputs that I would in person.  People opine that online school is as good as being in a lecture, but really it isn’t.  Did you know that Coursera classes have a lot of inputs, visual, auditory and reading, like a real school?  Why is it that the online Universities, the ones you can actually get a degree from, don’t catch up with that?  They need to!  I gave up finally because the religion component finally felt cultish, to me, after their demand that I write a paper about my sex life.  Their healthy sexuality class is meant for people who are doing pastoral counseling, which I’m not.  But it is a choice for people in the Addiction and Recovery MA.  I’ve read enough of their texts to know what they want:  absolute compliance with the Biblical demands of marriage, and the modern day worlds serial monogamy, which is my preferred choice, is seen as something of an apostasy. So, no.  I don’t want to reveal my personal life, and it feels somewhat cultish that they’d even ASK.  Cults, if you study them, have a few things they do:  one of those things is get the inductee’s most personal information and then use it to bring them into their fold.  NO THANKS!

So, I’ve signed up for three classes this semester, which I’ve paid for, and which it’s likely no other University will take.  Wow!  I’m having a lot of trouble on the road to being a personality theorist!  And I admit, there is no true path to get there, but being a professor at a major university with your own private practise seems to be de rigeur.  Of course, I’m not, and I don’t want to be that.  Along the way, I’ve travelled some side roads and I really have many regrets that I am such a scattershot person, when it comes to my interests.  I can’t afford more school, and I want to find out if I will have only five classes at the end of the semester.  I dropped out two times because of illness and wasted about 25 k.  I’ve had some really bad health issues, which actually turned out to be pain issues.  I wish I had waited to go back, or just not gone back at all.  And now, what do I do with the mess I’ve got??????


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