Stuck in the middle with you….

I am writing a new paper for the healthy sexuality class, I just got the email last night.  I am a week behind in both classes so I have to do some really harsh things, for example, try to read for five hours straight.  I can no longer do that, btw, so I’m asking myself for the impossible, or at least the improbable.  The class itself is based on the trinity ideaology the Christian church presumes that married couples have, the two individuals, and God in the center, with them living the way he wants.  For someone like me, that is simply too much, and now I am in the middle of my program and spent a whopping amount of money that I’m going to have to just say, “Psfft!” And get on with my life.  I knew, I should not go back to Liberty, it’s too religious for me.  They are not kind about gay people, single people (unless they’re really young) and others in the mix.  Srsly, I thought Christianity was all about kindness to others?




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