“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you!”

It’s time to do my hair today!  I think that’s Megan Fox on the right and I LUVVV that long and curly brunette look!  Way back in the 80’s I used to try for it with perms but when my hair was long it had too much weight.  So the curl fell.  Now that I’m blonde, and older, I do like the long look, but society says I should have shorter hair, like the style on the left, the short cut you can do a wet look with, or the short bob look.  Alpha female looks, both of them.


I have to get Annie and Alice spayed tomorrow.  And it can’t come a moment too soon.  They fight:  I can’t get them to stop.  Alice initiates most of the fights.  I’ve never had to deal with two dogs like that:  jealous, of treats, me, anything and everything.  I’ve decided if this doesn’t work, I am going to give Alice to someone who has a single pet household with no small children.  She clearly is jealous and territorial of me, and the treats her sister gets. I really do not want to give her up!  But I am scared of my own little dog and she’s less than 15 pounds!  What is it about the Yorkie mixes? I have two of them, and they are simply always Alpha, even over me, and I can’t control their behavior.  This is getting so dumb.  I have a multi-pet household and I have for years, but this gets absurd.

And I am two weeks behind in my schoolwork and it’s only getting worse not better and the classes are over in three weeks.  I don’t want to flag everything, but I  honestly think I am.  I have no interest in these overly religious courses!  I’m not the slightest bit interested, and it’s tedious to try and read this same book two times.  I don’t like my problems right now, but I admit, they are small and could be worse.  Please, God, help me get through this terrible hump!



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