Complications, Quirky Events, and Lost Items

As you might know, I didn’t like the Raspberry Pi I got offline, the boards are slightly used, and not flat, which likely means I can’t attach screens to it, or any other items, easily.  Which is the way it’s got to be used.  I sent them back to the person, and they said, the post office said it had too little postage.  Well, I mailed it when the local branch was closed and used the postal machine and scale.  Guess what!  I used exactly what they said to put on the package for it’s weight.  So there was a lot of tit for tatting with this seller, and I finally just gave up speaking with him.  They sent the package I sent to him as uncollected?  Really!  He never went to the post office and paid an extra .63 cents to pick up that package!  So now I have my Raspberry Pi back, and who knows what to do with it?  Trash it?

When I sent the Pi back, I had already stored two of the SD cards I had in the house, and put a version of Linux on each.  It was so long ago I can’t even remember the version I used, although I do believe I used the old Windows laptop to download it onto the cards.  The cards became an issue recently as I got half of my things out of hock.  I own 8 really cheap tablets.  I hocked a few of them to get my life going, again this Christmas, because I wanted to keep them, and not sell them outright.  When you drop a tablet, it could always shatter and break to the point it’s unusable, which is the reason I have so many.  And when I got my camera out, I found that my memory card was gone, so it uses the SD, not the micro SD, and I had to find one.  I couldn’t find a damn thing to put in that camera, and I’m waiting to get money to buy yet another one!  I can guess that my two SD cards for the Pi’s, which I kept, are somewhere in this house, but I lose shit all the time in this small overcrowded house with no furniture.  I have six oil filled heaters that I don’t need, and can’t put in the garage because that’s full.  Even though my dad’s gf threw away a ton of things from the house, the place still has lots of his tools and gadgets!  And I really don’t have time to fool with it anyway.

I have at least a dozen things to do tomorrow, and I know I can’t do them at all, with my time frame.  I am slow.  And I have to do my typical things too, cleaning the house, working on the yard and organization.  It’s a slow work in progress, and I have to buy a dolly to move some of the things out to the curb!  Buy yet another thing I’ll have to store in the garage.  (Psst. I had to buy another snow shovel for this last storm because the garage door was frozen shut in zero degree weather!)


I’m staying away from the crazy Richmond bitches.  They’re friends one minute, and hate you the next, so it’s my idea to leave all of them the hell alone. I have no more to say about it!!!



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